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Facial Mouse - Hands-Free Mouse

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Facial Mouse
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Pointer movement

Facial Mouse moves the mouse pointer across the screen as you move your face in front of it. Our exclusive artificial vision technology uses the image captured by a standard web camera, and we use advanced techniques to guarantee an accurate and smooth movement of the mouse pointer.



Facial Mouse can emulate mouse clicks by way of any of the following methods:

  • Dwell click. The click occurs when you let the pointer dwell on any spot of the screen.
  • Sound click. The click occurs when you input sound by way of a microphone.
    • You can use a short sound to left click and a long sound to right click.
    • The volume threshold can be adjusted. Set it low to make the software react at the slightest puff, or high if you need to prevent background noise from causing undesired actions.
  • External click. The automatic click feature can be disabled if you want to use an external device send click commands to the computer, for example a standard mouse or a mechanical switch.

Moreover, with the Dwell click and Sound click options you can use the Click bar choose a click option: left click, right click, double click or drag & drop.


Setting your preferences

  Facial Mouse comes with a configuration panel that fits the needs of any user.

  • Auto-start options.
  • Motion options: speed (both axes), acceleration and smoothness.
  • Automatic clicks: dwell, sound or disabled.
  • Dwell click options: dwell time, sensitivity, visual feedback and consecutive clicks.
  • Sound click options: sound threshold, left click sound duration, right click sound duration, etc.
  • Enable/Disable options: disable when clicking with a conventional mouse, toggle key.
  • Tracking area options: size and automatic face tracking.
  • Click bar options: thin or normal design, normal or fast mode.


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